NA067 4layers zentai +kigurumi Breath Play

4-layer zentai, haven't tried it for a long time.

4層zentai , 已經很長時間沒有嘗試.

In this hot summer day, the indoor temperature is 28c

在這炎熱的夏日. 室內溫度28c

It's still very hot, but I like it. (All friends who know me know)


I like to wear a second skin in summer.


(wo wrong ~ this time it is 4th floor)

(wo錯 ~這次是4層)

It is very pleasant to wrap my face heavily...


Coupled with kigurumi mask, stifling pleasure.


Kiguaumi look like a doll,


But no one knows what people inside feel


Is it forced excitement? Or very hot? Painful?

是強迫的興奮? 還是非常炎熱? 痛苦?

Only the people inside know


(Are you excited about this? I will!

I like to observe people outside and look at my expressions, which makes me very excited

If he still said: The people inside are very hot, right? I will be more excited)

(你會因為這樣興奮嗎? 我會!

我喜觀察外面的人,看我的表情,這樣讓我很興奮,如果他還說: 裡面的人很熱吧?


In such multiple packages, I added Breath Play

This is a must!! Because it will make my air less

I have to breathe smoothly, so I need to control myself not to be excited.

ps: Does anyone have the same interest as me?

在這樣多重的包裹裡,我再加上了Breath Play

這是必須的!! 因為這樣會讓我的空氣更少



So! I often add bags to make me feel more.

所以呢! 我常常都會加上袋子,讓我更有感覺。

Such a dress is simply a masturbation costume

You can reach the limit without others,

But this time I still have fun with ABBY.

Have a great night..





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