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me with corona(中/English)

Updated: May 7, 2019

CORONA 2010-02-19

Soon this name (Corona) will meet the tenth year.



Remembering the times, NANA (thank you), 娜娜把我的人生帶到了一個不可思議旅程。

NANA took my life into an amazing journey. 原本一開始CORONA的誕生,只是我一個紓解壓力的工具,當我不如意、感到沮喪的時候,她總是讓我感到安心、讓我充滿能量,面對明天的挑戰。

At first the birth of Corona was just a tool to get rid of the stress, when I was frustrated and depressed, she could always make me feel comfort, power me up with the energy to fight for another day. 娜娜溫暖的身體,總是安撫著我。

With the warm body of NANA really relaxes me. 記得那時候,娜娜會告訴我,她想出來了~呵呵。


Those times NANA would whisper in my ear that she wants to come out~ ha.

(About the birth of Corona, it’s actually my nickname from the most important work in my life that I used to do) 也許這就是醫學所說的人格分裂,但我並不排斥她,我們和諧共存。

maybe this is what we call Multiple Personality Disorder in medical, but I didn’t resist her, we live along peacefully. 看到這裡的朋友,一定覺得我是神經病。 不!只有你們這麼覺得,我那時候也有想過。

You may think I’m a bit crazy, right? But not only have you thought so to, I thought I was crazy too. 要讓她消失嗎? 那是我想要的嗎? Should I let her disappear? Was that really what I wanted? 還是只是世俗的遊戲規則? Or was it just to obey the so-called secular society rules? 就這樣我與娜娜的約會每周一次。 So at last I decided to date with NANA once a week. 我們相處得很好,在2016年娜娜正式的加入了我的人生..再也不是只有約會的時候才會出現,再也不是我的舒壓伴侶。

We really lived along so well, in 2016 she officially joined my life…never again treated her as a stress tool neither just for a date. 我們分工合作,一起工作。

We split work and cooperate together.

我們的理念: Our concept: 如果能帶給別人快樂?為甚麼選擇不? if we could bring happiness to others, why chose not to? 寧願失敗,也不選擇放棄。 Rather fail than giving up. 也是這樣我們一起到達人生第二次的高點。 This was how I made to the second climax of my life. 2017年,我想要更多,我飄了。 In 2017 I wanted more, so I messed up. 我變成一個工作魔人,親手把最喜歡的事,帶向沼澤。 I turned into a work freak, took the things I love the most straight to the graveyard. 有一句話這麼說:人在高潮時享受成就,低潮時享受人生。 There was a saying, people enjoy their success while in climax, taste theirlife while in their low tide. 2018年,我停下所有一切,再次與娜娜對話,這是我們想要的地方嗎?

In 2018I stopped everything I was working on, had a conversation with NANA again,

were all of this what we wanted? 娜娜還是一樣親切,溫暖的擁抱我。 NANA was as kind as usual, hugged me gently. 這一年也是我們最快樂的一年,不在乎所有,感受生活,享受發生的所有一切。 也許這就是心靈的富足~

This year was the happiest year we had together, not caring about everything, just about feeling life and enjoying the things that are happening. Perhaps this is what spiritual abundance feels like~ 2019年

我們換一種方式,重新開始。 (因該是換娜娜主導了~哈哈哈)

In 2019 we decided to start all over again. (This time the one in charge is NANA~ ha)


There are really too many people to be thankful, cherry謝謝妳,雖然我們理念不合,鬧得不愉快,但還是謝謝妳。永遠是尊敬的前輩。

Cherry, thank you really much, although our concepts were different and had a fight after all but still thank you very much. You will always be my respectful senior. JoJo謝謝妳,謝謝妳,妳讓我知道,無私的愛是什麼。

JOJO, thank you, thank you for letting me to understand what selfless love is. 還有我的媽媽,謝謝妳,接受娜娜的存在。

And also my mother, thank you for accepting the existence of NANA. 再來最重要的是一只默默支持娜娜的人,娜娜有時情緒化傷害了妳們。對不起,也謝謝你們,愛你們。

Next the most important ones, people that supported NANA along the way, sometimes she may have hurt some of you. 還有鍵盤俠們,你們讓我更強大,超級有機肥料。

And all the trolls, you made me stronger, well what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 還有很多我沒有提到的,謝謝你。

There are still a lot of not mentioned people, thank you all for being in my life, 我愛你們。 I love all of you. 在接下來的日子裡,我們還是會繼續寫下去,我們奇幻、離奇、離譜的故事。 在這世界留下一起活過的證據。

For the following days, we will keep on writing about our bizarre unbelievable story. To leave some evidence of living on this planet!

2019/4/1 NANA & Chang

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