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Hello, dear friends.

I'm from Taiwan (Formosa), a beautiful island.


I have several passions, but I think you are more interested in these ones:

- I like to wrap and seal my whole skin in zentai and latex, because I love the chocking sensation and the skin so hot, a so big pleasure.

- I like to wear at least one mask, possibly more than one. No one will know my real face, and it gives me always a lascivious, happy and beautiful appearance, and I don't care if it's painful, hot, breathtaking near to suffocate.

I started to have these interests since 10 years, and in all this time I never reduced my enthusiasm in finding new and more suffocating and hot way to seal my body.

I decided to create this site to share with you video, photos, ideas, and I love to receive feedback and comments from all of you, my friends.

                               With fetish greetings

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